AG Barr Says Feds Cut Chicago Murders IN HALF

( Attorney General William Barr announced on Wednesday that federal officers sent in by the Trump administration have cut the murder rate in Chicago almost in half. As part of Operation Legend, led by the Department of Justice, federal officers have managed to quell much of the violence and criminality taking place in the Democrat-run city.

Barr updated journalists during a press conference in Chicago, explaining how Operation Legend has so far successfully overseen the arrest of 500 people committing violent crime, and charged 124 people who are now facing federal crimes. Those arrested face charges ranging from firearm offenses and narcotics distribution to bank fraud.

It’s a huge set back for the Democrats who refused to cooperate with the feds on dealing with the surging violence.

During the press conference, Barr gave an update on how federal officers are tackling violent crime nationally, too. He explained how more than 2,500 people have been arrested across the country and more than 600 in total are facing federal charges.

Operation Legend was initiated in Chicago back in July not just because of the riots taking places on a regular basis in the city – initiated by far-left Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists – but also because of gang violence and criminality that was increasing by the week. A huge spike in homicides and shootings prompted the city’s Democratic mayor Lori Lightfoot to blame neighboring states with more relaxed gun laws. Lightfoot failed to act on the violence, however, and it sadly resulted in the death of many children under the age of five, and dozens of adults and young people.

The federal project was also launched in various other American cities seeing similar spikes in violence – Democrat cities, of course – and uses resources from the DEA, ATF, FBI, and U.S. Marshals. By cooperating with local police departments, federal officers have been able to significantly quell violence and help restore order on the streets.

More than 400 federal officers were deployed in Chicago alone. Some $9 million in federal cash was used in Chicago, too, helping support anti-crime operations that were already in place but which weren’t adequately funded.

Democrats can’t say federal support doesn’t help…it does!