AOC Wants Coronavirus Relief Bill to Include REPARATIONS

(PoliticalLookout.Com)- Democratic New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is one of the most radical members of Congress, so it may come as no surprise to many to learn that she believes the next round of the coronavirus economic relief legislation should include reparations.


On Friday, the extremist congresswoman said that relief measures must be “drafted with a lens of reparations” and explained her wild conspiracy theory about how non-white people are being more negatively affected by the coronavirus.

Ocasio-Cortez claimed that coronavirus deaths are “disproportionately spiking in Black + Brown communities” as a result of she believes is the “chronic toll of redlining, environmental racism, wealth gap.” AOC claimed all of those things amounted to “underlying health conditions.”

Are you follow this? I’m not.

“Inequality is a comorbidity. COVID relief should be drafted with a lens of reparations,” she claimed.

Ocasio-Cortez is just one of a number of Democrats who constantly attempt to bring race into all political discussion, signalling that President Barack Obama really wasn’t the “post-racial president” after all. If anything, the Democrats have gotten worse in recent years, trying to condemn non-white people to lives of misery, waiting for government handouts.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Senator Elizabeth Warren echoed a similar line to AOC on Friday, too, when she tweeted about her belief that “racial data” on the coronavirus should be released.

Do these people think the coronavirus discriminates?

Thankfully, AOC was called out by several big names on Twitter.

Professor Gad Saad accused her of “peddling victimology” in one tweet.

In another, commentator Robby Starbuck noted that the virus is hitting densely-populated cities which happen to have a higher number of minority residents – destroying her argument completely.