Bernie LOSES IT Over Trump on CNN, Accuses President of Meddling

( – Bernie Sanders lost it during a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper on Monday, before regaining his composure and accusing the president of election meddling.

Yes, after the Russian hoax was exposed as a scam, now Senator Bernie Sanders is accusing President Donald Trump of meddling in the Democratic primary race. You couldn’t make this up!

Sanders exhibited a fair amount of anger and frustration during his interview with Anderson Cooper, likely because it was the same anchor who caused a huge amount of controversy by questioning the senator about his support for Fidel Castro just a week ago.

“President Trump questioned like night the timing of Buttigieg’s withdrawal, tweeting in part, ‘this is the real beginning of the Dems taking Bernie out of play, no nomination again,’” Cooper said to Bernie. “He also tweeted this afternoon, quote, ‘they are staging a coup against you.’ Is he right?”

Bernie, who should be thankful that at least somebody else is acknowledging the fact that the Democrats are desperately trying to stop him from getting the nomination, wasn’t happy. Instead of thanking the president (come on, he was never going to do that), he said he wished Trump would spend more time “doing his job.”

“You know what, I really wish that the president of the United States might kind of spend his time doing his job, maybe just maybe, he might want to worry about the coronavirus, he might want to worry about the stock market, he might worry about the 500,000 people in this country who are homeless or the massive level of income and wealth inequality that exists,” he said.

None of those things change the fact that the Democrats are trying to rob you of the nomination again, Bernie!

Then, he got super angry, suggesting the president was meddling in the primary race.

“So, President Trump, stay out of the Democratic Primary,” he shouted. “Why don’t you do your job for a change as president. Stop lying. Stop running a corrupt administration. Pay attention to the American people, not just your own political aims.”

Funnily enough, Trump was elected to pursue his political aims. And the people are happy about it.

Sanders offered no further information about his baseless claim that the president is lying and running a “corrupt administration.”