Biden Fans Say They Plan To Attend Biden’s Inauguration Despite COVID Risks

( Democrat Joe Biden’s fans believe attending his inauguration on January 20 is worth the risk of catching, and spreading, coronavirus.

While a lot of the inauguration events for Biden will be held virtually because of the pandemic, there will still be some events that will be held in-person. And Biden supporters told The Daily Beast that they don’t care about the pandemic — they’re going to attend anyway.

The Biden transition team has been encouraging supporters and donors to participate in the inauguration virtually. No balls, no cocktail parties, no in-person meetups this year. Instead, online virtual events are what the team is hoping for.

His swearing-in ceremony, though, is likely still to be held in person, and plenty of Biden supporters said they still planned to attend the event at the National Mall so they can see it happen in person.

As The Daily Beast reported:

“Due to the surging number of coronavirus infections across the country, President-elect Joe Biden has encourage his supporters not to attend his inauguration — an event that could easily have drawn hundreds of thousands of people to the Capitol. Tickets to the event will be heavily restricted, and the surrounding events notably down.

“It seems like the rational choice for a man who derided Donald Trump for hosting massive rallies in hotspots around the country and superspreader events at the White House. But some Biden supporters say they’re still planning on attending — warnings and hypocrisy be damned.”

To hear the reasoning from the mouths of some of the supporters is downright laughable. Many told The Daily Beast that they know the risks of attending the inauguration but are willing to go anyway. One supporter said:

“I’m not a MAGA. COVID is real and you need to do things to try to prevent it. I understand it’s a risk going to the inauguration, but at the same time, I feel like I’m at the same risk going to the grocery store or going out to eat.”

And that’s the hypocrisy and misunderstanding right there. It’s not just about whether you are at risk, but whether you are putting others at risk by attending the inauguration. Biden supporters should know this well. They are consistently attacking Trump and his supporters for the actions they are consistently taking as well.

The situation seems very similar to Biden’s victory speech in Delaware following the presidential election. Carloads full of people attended that event to see Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris give speeches — many tightly packed together without masks or with masks being worn wrong.

It’s also very similar to the anti-police and anti-racism protests that happened in the summer. Liberals at those events said that was too important not to attend, so they were OK taking coronavirus risks while at the same time chastising conservatives for attending events they believe in.

This should really not be all that surprising at this point that liberals are so hypocritical.