Biden LIES, Claims Trump Called Coronavirus A “Hoax”

( – Joe Biden might have enjoyed his first victory in South Carolina over the weekend, but his campaign is still doing terribly. The former vice president is losing badly to socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and is expected to take a hammering on Super Tuesday when billionaire Mike Bloomberg enters the race.

So naturally, he’s trying to hit the press by saying outrageous things about Trump; and this time, he lied through his teeth. It’s hardly uncommon for Democrats to lie, but this one is extreme.

Joe Biden claimed that President Trump called the coronavirus threat a “hoax.”

He didn’t.

In fact, President Trump along with Vice President Mike Pence appeared at a press conference over the weekend to announce the terrible news that an American woman from Washington state has died from the virus. Why would a president who believed the virus wasn’t real announce this news and then plan to meet with world scientific leaders to discuss vaccine progress?

During Sunday’s “State of the Union” show on CNN, Joe Biden made the astonishing and untrue claim.

“I know what I would have done differently and what we did in the Ebola crisis. I heard the vice president say they set up an office in the White House. We had an office in the White House. We, after us dealing with the pandemic that could have been incredibly dangerous and affected the world, Ebola, and we set up an entire mechanism of how the deal with future outbreaks of pandemic diseases. They eliminated that office when they came into play. They cut the funding for the CDC,” he said.

This was the first lie. President Trump did not cut the CDC’s coronavirus budget. This is a verifiably untrue claim, and Reason broke it down.

Then, Biden lied even more.

“Look, I don’t want to talk down the possibility of us being able to do this well, but, you know, the idea that Donald Trump said just several days ago that this is a Democratic Hoax. What in God’s name is he talking about? What in God’s name is he talking about? Has he no shame?”

Has Biden no shame?

President Donald Trump referred to the constant (and untrue) claims from Democrats that he is taking no action to stop the spread of coronavirus, and that he has cut CDC funding to deal with it.

That is the hoax, and when the president calls the Democrats out for that very hoax, they call him a liar again.

Again, I ask, has Biden no shame?