Biden Wants to Ban “Assault” Weapons While Rioters Are Burning Down American Cities

( Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has called for the banning of semi-automatic weapons in the United States at a time when far-left rioters – who will overwhelmingly vote Democrat in November – are burning down American cities and calling for the defunding of the police.

Does Biden not want people to be able to protect themselves against violent extremists?

Biden described semi-automatic guns as “weapons of war” in a Tweet, and condemned the National Rifle Association.

“Weapons of war have no place in our communities,” he said. “When I was a senator, I took on the @NRA and secured a 10-year-ban on assault weapons – and as president, I’ll ban these weapons again.”

The comments didn’t go down well with people who want to be able to defend themselves against extremist rioters, and those who actually understand what terms like “assault weapon” really means. The National Rifle Association called out Biden’s attempt at smearing Americans who own extremely popular AR-15 weapons for purposes of self defense.

“Clearly Joe didn’t write this tweet. The complete sentences gave it away,” the NRA joked, referencing Biden’s very visible cognitive decline in recent months.

“Joe and his supporters fear-monger using words like ‘assault weapon’ to describe America’s most popular home defense riddle – the AR-15 – or ‘AR-14’ to Joe.”

Democrats have long called for guns like the AR-15 to be banned from sale, but doing this at a time when Americans are at greater risk of their homes being destroyed or even their family members killed by far-left extremists rioting is particularly concerning. As Biden tells Americans they should not be able to defend themselves, cities like Washington, D.C., Portland, Minneapolis, New York City, Seattle, Chicago, and beyond, are struggling to contain violent rioters who are destroying police precincts and federal courthouses.

Americans are purchasing guns in record numbers as a result of the riots, too. What makes Joe Biden think Americans will vote for a candidate that will strip them of their ability to defend themselves against radical anti-Trump rioters?