Biden’s Big China Deal EXPOSED | Riding The Dragon: Chapter Four

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Bohai Harvest joins with Chinese military contractor AVIC to purchase Henniges, a dual-use company in the United States. AVIC was notorious for its history of stealing U.S. military technologies to build its own fighter jets and drones. The Obama administration approved this deal. Bohai also invested in Face++, a military surveillance company that the Chinese government used to monitor and control its own population. Another company Bohai Harvest invested in was China Molybdenum, a company that was competing with Western firms for mining rights to rare earth minerals. The Obama administration filed a complaint with the WTO stating that China was trying to control the world’s market of rare earth minerals. While the Obama administration was competing with China in the global race for minerals, Hunter Biden was involved in deals that would help China win that race. In 2014, Bohai became an anchor investor in China General Nuclear. CGN is owned by the Chinese government. Less than 18 months after Bohai invested in China General, a nuclear engineer named Allen Ho and the company were charged by the U.S. Justice Department with stealing nuclear secrets from the United States. The firms Hunter and Bohai invested in were directly connected to the Chinese military. Bohai Harvest made investment deals around the world that would serve the strategic interests of the Chinese government and military.