BLM Demand “Racist” Gandhi Statue Be Removed in London

( Mahatma Gandhi, the legendary pacifist, peaceful leader of India’s independence movement, is remembered in the United Kingdom in the form of a statue. The Gandhi statue in Leicester was erected in 2009, and has become a fixture in the major English city.

Incredibly, a new petition started and supported by Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists, is now calling for the statue to be removed because of Gandhi’s racism. The petition, which gathered more than 6,000 signatures, said Gandhi was a “facist [sic], racist and sexual predator.”

“For years he has been idolised and taught in school curriculum. For a lot of people in my community, he has bought inconsolable suffering against my people,” the petition continued. “As a result, I do not wish to see a statue and praise of that kind of character. Therefore, I want to take action to remove it.”

Kerri P, who started the petition, encouraged people to conduct their own research on Gandhi and “align it with your beliefs before signing this protest.”

The demands proved a step too far for some of the country’s left-wing politicians. Disgraced former politician, and Labour Party socialist, Keith Vaz, said the statue was “going nowhere.”

Local people formed a human chain around the statue to “symbolically protect” it after the petition began to gather steam.

Vaz, who attended the unveiling of the statue in 2009, defended the human chain around the statue.

“This is the way we honor Mahatma Gandhi who wanted peaceful protest and peaceful activity,” he said. “He was never someone who believed in violence and he did not believe people should act as a mob to remove things…We hope very much Leicester City Council and others will realize this statue stays.”

The Member of Parliament for Leicester East, leftist Claudia Webbe, also defended the statue and said the petition to remove it was a “massive distraction” from the Black Lives Matter protests which her party supports.

The accusation that Gandhi is a racist is believed to have come from comments he made during his time in South Africa, which was at that point a part of the British Empire. Gandhi made negative comments about black Africans and even said he didn’t believe Hitler was “as bad as he is portrayed.”