Bloomberg And Fyre Festival: A Fraudulent Match Made In Hell

( – What did one fraudulent Democratic candidate for president say to one fraudulent social media company? Let’s work together.

Not only is the above not funny, it’s not a joke, either.

Normally, when a presidential candidate hires a social media marketing team, the news hardly makes headlines. But when that candidate is former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and that social media company’s lead strategist is the same guy who helped lead the infamous failed Fyre Festival, then it’s worth talking about.

The company that the Bloomberg campaign hired is called Meme 2020. It’s a new company that was formed by a group of people who had their hands in some hugely influential social media accounts. The lead strategist of Meme 2020 is Mick Purzycki, who is also the CEO of Jerry Media.

Jerry Media was the “force” behind the marketing for the Fyre Festival — a failed music festival that was supposed to be held in the Bahamas but never got off the ground. To call the Fyre Festival an epic failure would be an understatement.

The festival — co-founded by entrepreneur Billy McFarland and rapper Ja Rule — promised a lavish, exclusive music festival with top acts, luxurious accommodations and beautiful people on a private island that was once owned by Pablo Escobar.

Thousands of people paid loads of money to be a part of the exclusive event, but didn’t receive anything near what they were promised — including a lack of food and water, safe places to sleep or any music at all.

For his part, McFarland was sent to prison for committing fraud, and the organizers were sued for millions. Jerry Media, meanwhile, produced a hit documentary about the Fyre Festival that ran on Netflix. It was even nominated for four Emmy Awards.

Now, some of those same people behind that chaotic scene will be behind another one in the political arena.

In return for paying a hefty sum, Bloomberg Meme 2020 is contracting well-known people on Instagram to post Memes that are sponsored by Bloomberg. This is in an attempt to help him gain traction among potential voters on what is one of the world’s most popular and used social media platforms.

It’s an odd move for a guy like Bloomberg, who despite not appearing on one single primary ballot thus far has spent upward of $350 million just on advertising for his “campaign.” What Bloomberg is hoping for is that he does well on Super Tuesday, especially in states such as Texas and California.

Will his strategy to spend loads of his own personal fortune on attacking President Donald Trump and the Republicans while also trying to be “hip” to young voters work? Who knows, but he might just be able to trick them like Jerry Media helped the organizers of Fyre Festival do to their hopeful attendees.