Cell Phone Data Suggests Roads Near Wuhan Lab Were CLOSED In OCTOBER

(PoliticalLookout.Com)- As world governments start considering the very real possibility that the Chinese coronavirus may have originated in the Wuhan Institute of Virology, new information suggests that the problems with the virus may have started much sooner than originally thought. During last week’s episode of Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News, Senator Tom Cotton explained how publicly available cell phone data seems to suggest that the Chinese government closed off all the roads surrounding the Wuhan lab in October.

Cotton explained why this data is significant, as many people believe this is where the virus came from – and not a wet market as originally believed.

“Reports emerged yesterday in the media that publicly available cell phone data suggests that roads around the lab in Wuhan was closed in the middle of October,” he said. “Again, this information is publicly available.”

He explained how data like this has been used in the United States to see how people are traveling in the United States and whether people are practicing social distancing as they should be. When the publicly available Chinese data is used, Cotton explained, it suggests that people were not using all the roads surrounding the Wuhan lab from October 2019. The likely explanation? That they were closed.

“So the reports indicate that on major roads around these labs, Wuhan, you obviously had thousands and thousands of cell phones pinging towers day in and day out. And then, all of a sudden, it stopped,” he said. “And it remained stopped for several days. That would suggest, without any further information, that those roads were blocked for some reason.”

Cotton stressed that confirmation is still required and that the data needs to be looked at carefully.

“We also need to try to use other means to verify if there were, in fact, shutdowns of roads around those labs in the middle of October,” he added. “The Chinese Communist Party could obviously help us with that if they would open up and allow us to investigate what happened in China.”

The Chinese Communist Party has refused at every step to allow foreign investigators into the country or the labs in Wuhan to confirm any of this information, so it’s unlikely they are going to help the United States any time soon.

Cotton said that if it is confirmed that the roads surrounding the Wuhan lab were closed in October, it would be “highly coincidental” and that it may indicate the true origins of the virus. He also explained how Wuhan is larger than New York City, meaning the decisions to close the roads would have been a big one to make.

If the roads were closed, why? And if not because of a virus outbreak, then what?