China Releases Details On Its Genocide

( In an effort to avoid scrutiny over concentration camps set up by Chinese Communist party officials that are used to detain and re-educate members of the Uighur community, Chinese officials have released details of sexual activity, STDs, and the fertility of Uighur women.

The Daily Mail reports how China released the explicit details about Uighur women to combat the growing pressure from the international community to shut down the concentration camps. Chinese officials have named individual women, released private medical details, and even accused some of having extramarital affairs and spreading sexually transmitted diseases.

Xu Giuxian, the deputy leader of the publicity department for Xinjiang, where the concentration camps are located, told a news conference back in December that they intended to “rebuke some media’s disgusting acts” by releasing the private information.

As part of their campaign to counter claims that they are forcing Uighur men and women into camps, Giuxiang participated in briefings that took several hours and which showed residents of Xinjiang reading out monologues.

The propaganda campaign shows just how concerned the Chinese Communist Party is about the global pressure to shut down the campaigns.

Professor of Chinese History at Georgetown University, James Milward, told the press that the Communist Party is focused on the testimonies of women “because it undermines their initial premise for what they’re doing there, which is anti-terrorism.”

“The fact that there are so many women in the camps, who doesn’t have the faintest appearance of being violent people, just shows how this has nothing to do with terrorism,” he said.

Which explains why the women are being shamed and portrayed as sexual predators and deviants.

Beijing has even released two volumes of a book titled, “The Truth About Xinjiang: Exposing the US-Led Lies and Slanders About Xinjiang.”

But the BBC revealed in February how women in the “re-education” camps have been “systematically raped, sexually abused, and tortured” according to accounts from people in the region.

The British media outlet interviews a Kazakh woman from Xinjiang who was detailed in the camp for 18 months, and who described how she was forced to strip Uighur women naked and then handcuff them before leaving them alone with Chinese men. She was then made to clean the rooms afterward.

The woman said that Chinese men “would pay money to have their pick of the prettiest young inmates.”

One source even said that women were taken from the cells in the middle of the night and never returned.

And whenever a witness comes forward, the Chinese government discredits them with a slew of smears.

One Xinjiang government official said in February that a witness had an “inferior character.”

“She’s lazy and likes comfort, her private life is chaotic, her neighbors say that she committed adultery while in China,” the official said.

Does the Chinese government think they can get away with genocide by accusing victims of adultery?