CNN Guest: Putin Already Won 2020 US Presidential Race

( – Well, this is crazy. CNN guest Linda Chavez claimed on Sunday that the winner of the 2020 US presidential race has already won, and it isn’t Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. It’s Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It’s a pretty wild statement, but at least she explained herself.

Chavez previously worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan, so she’s definitely been around the block and seen a. few elections over the years. Perhaps that’s what makes her analysis that Vladimir Putin has already won the election so intriguing (and bizarre!).

During a CNN panel, Chavez was asked about Bernie Sanders’ commanding lead in the polls and decisive victory in the Nevada caucuses. She was also asked about Sanders’ ability to turn out the Latino vote, and how the Democratic candidate believes he can win Texas in a presidential election.

“That is to me, the surprising part of the evening, the 51% of Hispanics who voted for Bernie,” Chavez told Jake Tapper. “I think it has to do with him saying that ‘I will give you free college and by the way, I will wipe out your debt if you happen to have gone to college and gotten yourself in debt, I will wipe it out.”

Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Then things got super interesting. Chavez explained that Sanders’ ability to achieve more support than three of his biggest challengers was a victory for the Russians.

“I mean, we are going to have the most divisive election if Bernie is the nominee, we will see two very, very angry people representing two very different extremes of their parties, and I think that helps make America more chaotic, and it makes us more divisive and the one who is getting advantaged by that is Russia.”

The claim didn’t go down well with left-wing commentators on the same panel. Alexandra Rojas of Justice Democrats immediately disagreed, suggesting that Sanders was one of the least divisive candidates because he reaches out to “forgotten” communities. “He has enlisted movements of young Latinos on the ground and one of two presidential candidates calling for a moratorium of the deportations within the first 100 days,” she said.

Chavez didn’t agree, repeating her claim that he is extreme. “And the issue that he is representing is the extreme. He is divisive racially and ethically.”

She isn’t wrong, is she?