CONSPIRACY THEORIST Pelosi Asks If Trump Will Leak Info to Putin

( Facts don’t matter to Congressional Democrats these days, and that couldn’t be more evident than in the way House Speaker Nancy Pelosi treats President Donald Trump. The hard-left politician pushed the Russiagate conspiracy theory that alleged President Trump worked with Russia to steal the 2016 election, and even after FBI investigations found no evidence to suggest this is true, Pelosi can’t help herself. She still pushes the lie.

On a Monday appearance on CNN’s “The Lead,” Pelosi pondered whether the U.S. intelligence community is scared that President Trump might leak information to Russia. Seriously?

You can see it in the video below. She acts all concerned, telling reporter-come-activist Jake Tapper that she was “shocked” that President Donald Trump wasn’t briefed on a report suggesting Russian military spies were offering bounties on American soldiers to Taliban militias. Pelosi didn’t consider the possibility that the report is…well, wrong.

Tapper told Pelosi that “sources” tell CNN how eight Republican members of Congress “were briefed today on this intelligence by the White House, and that Chief of Staff Meadows has offered to brief a group of Democrats tomorrow.” He asked the House Speaker whether she has spokes with anyone from the White House about the “shocking intelligence.”

“Well, shocking intelligence it is, and it would be my hope that it isn’t true,” she said, without smirking. “But it seems clear the intelligence is real. The question is whether the president was briefed. If he was not briefed, why would he not be briefed?” she asked.

“Were they afraid to approach him on the subject of Russia? And if they were concerned if they did tell him, that he would tell Putin? There’s a lot that remains out there.”

Imagine being the Speaker of the House and using your power to push conspiracy theories and ask questions because you know making the assertion would be wrong…because the assertion is wrong.