Crazy Biden Says Planet Will NEVER RECOVER If Trump Wins

( Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden turned to shouting and making wild claims in the final days of the presidential campaign, saying on Monday that the planet will never recover if President Donald Trump wins again. The former vice president made the baseless claim, without providing any specifics on the matter, in a tweet.

“If we give Donald Trump another four years in the White House, our planet will never recover,” he claimed.

On the same night, the former vice president was joined at a low-energy rally in Pennsylvania by pop star Lady Gaga. The decision to appear with the singer is an interesting one, given she is a member of the anti-fracking group “Artists Against Fracking.”

Fracking is a major issue in the swing state of Pennsylvania, where thousands of people are employed directly by the fracking industry. Joe Biden has repeatedly promised throughout his primary run to end fracking in the United States, though performed a U-turn on the issue after winning the nomination.

At the rally, Lady Gaga tried to get the small crowd enthusiastic, but many online commentators suggested that she failed.

Biden’s policies on energy and the climate could ultimately see him lose the election, with swing states like Pennsylvania potentially opting for President Trump for his strong and clear policy on fracking and the oil industry.

The former vice president’s claim that he has never opposed fracking may not help him win back voters, either, given how even left-wing fact-checkers have called him out on it. Even CNN said that it is “false” for Biden to claim that he has never opposed fracking.

Neither Joe Biden nor any member of his campaign team has yet to offer clarification on what he believes will happen to the planet if President Donald Trump is re-elected in today’s election.