Democrat Congressman Caught Profiting From Communists

( A Democratic Congressman has just been caught out for profiting from communists. According to the three most recent financial disclosures from Rep. Vicente Gonzalez, the Democratic congressman has a bank account with the state-run (communist) Bank of China and has been raking in interest during his time in Congress.

What good reason does the average American, let alone a Congressman, have for owning a bank account in China?

A 2018 filing reveals that Congressman Gonzalez has a bank account in China with up to $250,000 held in it. It also showed that Gonzalez profited up to $5,000 in interest.

Brigitte Gabriel gets it…

Furthermore, Gonzalez’s filings in 2019 show that he owns the same account with the same value and the same level of payout.

This congressman is raking in thousands every year by just holding money in a Chinese account.

That could have paid for ten Americans to receive a measly $1,400 COVID relief check while waiting months for the Democrats to finally get their act together and help working Americans struggling because of their lockdown measures.

The Bank of China is owned and run by the Chinese Communist Party. Its own website makes that very clear and even says that they would “follow Xi Jinping [President of China] Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era.”

That’s literally what it says, don’t blame us for the translation!

“By 2050, the Bank will have become a “financial treasure” of a great modern socialist country, and will serve as a paragon of the global financial industry,” the bank officially states.

The financial disclosure documents are reported every year by members of Congress and show the general value of their assets and how they earned those assets.

Conservative news outlet Breitbart did the math on Gonzalez’s account, speculating that he may be earning as much as 5% interest in his holdings in China.

Gonzalez has not responded to requests for comment on the issue, but his opponent in last year’s election, Monica de la Cruz-Hernandez, told Breitbart that she finds it concerning.

“Vicente Gonzalez’s six-figure account with the Bank of China is shocking and disturbing,” she said. “It’s simple: a United States Representative should never have such close financial ties to the state bank of our country’s greatest adversary. This is yet another reason why our district needs a new representative who shares our South Texas values – not China’s.”

How much interest did you earn last year?