Democrat Rep. Dingell Says Favorable Biden Polls Are WRONG, Michigan is “Competitive”

( Virtually every poll produced in the last month has been bad for President Donald Trump. Somehow, despite rarely escaping his basement, presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is topping the president in every competitive state. But not everybody believes it.

Republicans have expressed the view that pollsters are oversampling Democrat voters again, and now, even a Democratic representative is echoing a similar sentiment. During an interview on Bill Hemmer Reports on Fox News, Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan said that the polls showing Biden substantially ahead in Michigan are, in reality, too close to call.

Speaking about a previous poll that didn’t prove accurate, Dingell explained, “First of all, I didn’t believe that poll.”

“The pollster who did that poll said we are 16 points up said October 6, that Hillary Clinton had it in the bag on October 26, 2016 said there was no way she could lose.”

She’s right. This time last year, polls repeatedly showed Hillary Clinton substantially ahead of President Trump, with many suggesting it was impossible for her to lose. We all know how that turned out.

“Subsequent to that there have been two polls, one showing Joe Biden up two points and one showing him one point up,” she continued. “I think it’s competitive in Michigan. I think it’s five months and until November we don’t know what the events are that could take place. I don’t want anyone to let polls that aren’t real or don’t really reflect how people think suppress votes or tell people their vote doesn’t matter, or they shouldn’t care about the future of this country.”

She said there are “a lot of polls right now” but that she believes this is a “competitive race.”

Oversampling in polls, or trusting the polls too much, could result in people refraining from voting because they think Biden has it in the bag. On the other hand, they may discourage Trump voters who believe their efforts are futile.

Though, they could also encourage people to get out and vote against Biden, if they’re truly scared about a man who may have early signs of dementia becoming president.

“People need to be engaged and understand that their vote matters and they have to get out and vote if they care about the future of this country,” Dingell said.