Democrats Have Politicized The Postal Service

( Democrats have been up in arms about the United States Postal Service. Leaders such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have been hard at work trying to implement legislation that would block any changes from being made until after the November presidential election.

The fact that Democrats have politicized the Postal Service, though, are almost sure to distract from the real, major issues the agency faces.

A new report from Kevin Kosar, a former official with the Congressional Research Service, criticized Democrats for making the failures of the Postal Service a political issue. He said a taxpayer bailout of the agency was not a good idea, and that there are other ways to redeem the agency’s image.

House Democrats have pushed for a bailout to the tune of $75 billion. They are also pushing heavily to increase mail-in voting options around the country. But Kosar says a lot of these efforts are political in nature, rather than being concerned about the Postal Service’s health.

As Kosar said:

“So much of the political hysteria that erupted in the last month was just flat-out misinformed. People thought that the removal of blue collection boxes was somehow a new thing that just started happening, which is absurd. It happens all the time. We had people jumping to all sorts of conspiratorial conclusions about normal postal operation stuff.”

The Postal Service currently has more than $100 billion in unfunded employee obligations, as well as a retirement fund that is depleted. These are major issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible, and they need to be done in a non-politicized way, Kosar said.

All politicians need to look at the what the long-term purpose of the Postal Service should be, and how to make it financial stable in the process. The House’s proposed bailout would not have solved the agency’s issues, Kosar said.

According to Kosar’s report:

“[Democrats] have interrupted a scheduled vacation to hold hearings and have used innumerable media appearances to frame — linguistically — the president and the Republican Party as malefactors.”

Democrats’ proposal of giving $25 billion to the Postal Service “for no stated purpose” is a major departure from how appropriations are normally done.

Before any funding should be allocated to the agency, the Postal Service first needs to decide what services will look like in the future — and how it can be done in a fiscally-responsible way, Kosar said.

He continued:

“The question is do you make the Postal Service a smaller entity that’s less costly to run, which is what I think people on the right tend to favor. Or do you do what the left does, do you find new lines of business for the Postal Service to get into?”

Money can only go so far to fix a problem if there is no long-term plan in place. That’s why the real and serious problems that the Postal Service has need to be figured out before any bailout should be done.