DHS Secretary Says They WILL NOT RETREAT from Democrat-Supported Portland Riots

(PoliticalLookout.com)- Portland has descended into chaos. The city in Oregon has been plagued by far-left riots and violence for weeks now, and the moment that the Department of Homeland Security stepped in to start quelling the violence, Democrats spoke up and opposed those efforts.

Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, spoke out against those Democrats and anybody supporting or enabling violence in American cities. In a press conference at the Washington, D.C. headquarters of the DHS, Wolf said that his department would not retreat from the riots. He also responded to media claims that the Trump administration, in cooperation with the DHS, was sending in anonymous military forces into Portland.

“Let me reiterate that the department fully supports those who wish to peacefully protest,” Wolf said to the media. “These individuals are organized with one mission in mind. To burn down or cause extreme damage to the federal courthouse and federal law enforcement officers.”

Wolf explained that the officers deployed to Portland to help control the dangerous riots were from Immigration and Customs Enforcement as well as Customs and Border Protection. He explained that using officers from these departments is a precedent that goes back “decades,” and isn’t something new that was introduced by President Donald Trump. That’s just what the Democrats and the media want you to think.

“We are charged with protecting federal facilities across the country,” he explained. “We will not shrink from our duty because of this violence.”

Mark Morgan, the chief operating officer who acts as the Commissioner of the Customers and Border Protection agency also slammed the press for their reports claiming that the officers were not using identification. He showed uniforms to members of the media to show that it is a lie and that all officers are identifiable.

“They have insignia on their uniforms that read police, and they have patches that indicate which agency they are from,” he said. “These officers are not military. I’ve seen inaccurate press reporting accusing them of being military. They are not military. They are civilian police officers.”

He went on to tell the media that his officers were “not stormtroopers” as Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed.

Everything the Democrats say about law enforcement in Portland is wrong, but will they change their tune even when presented with evidence?