DOJ’s Investigation Of Catholic Church Abuse Goes Dark After 2 Years

( After two years, the Justice Department’s investigation into abuse in the Catholic Church appears to have gone dark. It follows an announcement from the U.S. attorney two years ago that a thorough investigation would take place, in conjunction with several prosecutors who had successfully investigator the Roman Catholic Church’s handling of the abuse scandal and complaints from victims.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the Justice Department has not brought a single conspiracy case against the church, despite huge numbers of very detailed reports showing a long history within the church of complaints being ignored. The report explains how abuse complaints were kept in secret archives, and that priests who they knew were accused of wrongdoing and abuse were simply transferred to new parishes.

Accusers were event reportedly silenced, and the church reportedly fought new laws that would champion the victims of child sexual abuse.

So…why has the investigation been suddenly dropped? It’s probably because a Democrat administration is likely on the way…

The AP report explains who subpoenas were sent by U.S. Attorney William McSwain to bishops throughout Pennsylvania, requesting their files on matters of abuse to submit for testimony in a grand jury. The FBI also got involved, interviewing at least six people who accused priests of sexual abuse.

McSwain’s tenure may well be coming to an end now that Joe Biden is the so-called “president-elect” (let’s see!), which is likely the reason the investigation is suddenly coming to an end. So far, though, the results haven’t exactly been fantastic.

Just one arrest has been made so far, involving defrocked priest Robert Brennan who was charged with lying to federal agents who appeared at his home. The reports from this case, however, show that the FBI hit a dead end in their probe just months after U.S. Attorney McSwain launched the investigation.

AP says that in Pennsylvania at least four state and local prosecutors spent many years investigating the church and even produced shocking grand jury reports between 2005 and 2018 – but every single time, they couldn’t indict the church or any bishops because of the statute of limitations.

McSwain did not respond to questions from the Associated Press.

With so little progress made under the Trump administration, over what appear to be procedural matters, is it likely that a Biden administration will do any better?

Or will these victims never see justice?