Donald Trump Leads Biden By Healthy Margin in Texas

(PoliticalLookout.Com)- Despite all the talk that Texas is ready to be taken by the Democrats, President Donald Trump is leading presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden by a healthy margin in the state. A new poll from the University of Texas and Texas Tribune published on Saturday showed Trump leading by five points.

Taken between April 10 and 19, the survey asked 1,200 registered voters in the state how they would vote on election day. Trump led with 49% compared to Biden’s 44%. That lead may have been even higher in the past, but with the changing demographics in Texas, and continued illegal immigration, things are slowly beginning to change.

Recently, Democrats started pushing for absentee voting (or “vote by mail”) to be implemented more widely across Texas. Using the coronavirus pandemic as a veil, Democrats appear to be encouraging new methods of voting that could help increase turnout in support of the Democratic candidate.

Trump’s lead is above. The poll’s margin of error, + / – 2.83 per cent, and showed some seven per cent of the population still wasn’t sure how they intend to vote. Some of those people are likely to not turn out, some may vote for other parties, but others may be won over by the campaign efforts of either candidate.

The survey also found that preferences in Texas look to be split mostly along party lines. Independent voters, according to the poll, are still on the fence, but leaning more towards Trump. 29% of independents favour Biden, 39% favour Trump, and 32% say they still haven’t decided.

In short, things are looking good for Trump in the Lone Star State.

Daron Shaw, one of the directors of the survey, also explained that President Trump leads more in the poll when they give a face and name to the Democratic opponent.

“When you put a flesh-and-blood opponent against them, they do better,” he said. “The reality nationally is that, for the first time in a long time, the incumbent isn’t going to be able to make it a comparison. It’s going to be a referendum election about how the president is doing. First of all, it’s Trump, Trump, Trump all the time. And all the news is about coronavirus.”

Trump beat Hillary Clinton in Texas by a massive nine percentage points back in 2016, and if he can pull off a miracle when it comes to reopening the economy, he may even be able to build on that.