Donna Brazile Eats Humble Pie Over “Go To Hell” Outburst

( – Donna Brazile, the former Democratic National Committee chairwoman and current Fox News contributor, was forced to eat humble pie this week and admit she was wrong for telling the Republican National Committee chairwoman to “go to hell.”

During an interview with America’s Newsroom on Fox on Tuesday, Brazile snapped after learning about Ronna McDaniel’s comments about the Democratic presidential race. She told the RNC chair to “go to hell” and to stay out of their race, much to the shock of the two news anchors hosting the interview.

The next morning, Brazile was forced to address the issue and, sort of, apologize.

“Now, let me just say this because I don’t want to be a bad girl today,” she said. “I was a bad girl yesterday because you know I’m a hot sister.”

Hot? You were plain rude!

Brian Kilmeade, co-host of Fox & Friends, asked Brazile what she was referring to. Brazile refused to answer, gave him a look, and went on to talk about former NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s failed presidential campaign.

Brett Baier didn’t want to let her escape the comments, however, and once again brought the conversation back to her outburst. “I just want to say that your tone has changed a little bit,” he said.

“You came in here a little bit hot and bothered and you were spicy today, and you had a little dust up with Ronna McDaniel,” he added.

Brazile, obviously acknowledging she was in the wrong but refusing to say it, said she was a “forgiving kind of person” before attempting to justify her comments.

“But let me just say this, as long as I’m alive, I’m going to speak truth to power, and I want to make sure that the chairwoman – I know what her job is like – but I want her to understand, to respect the process on the Democratic side,” she said.

Brazile also explained that she wanted the world to know that the Democratic Party isn’t trying to rig the race for a particular candidate.

The thing is, though, it certainly seems like it is! The withdrawal of Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar from the race just one night before Super Tuesday gave Joe Biden the boost he needed to beat Bernie Sanders. And, the DNC recently announced they will be changing the threshold to appear in the March debate – meaning Tulsi Gabbard won’t appear despite winning a delegate in American Samoa.

Not rigged, huh, Donna?