Dozens Arrested In France As Antifa Clash With Police Over Healthcare Protest

( While Antifa burns down American cities over the lie that American police officers are hunting down black people, their French cousins are doing exactly the same in Paris. On Tuesday, dozens of people were arrested after black bloc Antifa extremists took part in a demonstration for the nation’s healthcare workers, turning things violent.

The black bloc, if you haven’t heard of it, is a section of the Antifa community that supports direct action and violence. Most Antifa activists support it, but black bloc consists of people who are willing to put on balaclavas and take to the streets to commit violence, burn down buildings, and fight with police.

In Paris, during a demonstration of roughly 18,000 people, Antifa hijacked a rally campaigning over healthcare matters and turned it into yet another “Black Lives Matter” riot. As well as holding BLM signs that say things like “I can’t breathe,” Antifa activists attacked the police in a way that makes the Gilet Jaunes look like pussies.

Some of the most intense fights between Antifa and the police occurred at the Esplanade des Invalides, which is an expansive lawned area that sits at the front of the Les Invalides. This is a historic place s it’s home to Napoleon Bonaparte’s tomb and the French army museum.

Le Parisien, a local newspaper, claimed that Antifa terrorists and rioters overturned a vehicle and even started attacking a passing bus as they swept through the city, rioting and injuring people. Police were forced to use tear gas to clear the crowds.

Take a look at the video footage. It’s pretty intense. Up until fairly recently, it’s something we’d be shocked to see in the United States.

Don’t forget, this wasn’t an Antifa protest. It was a demonstration by health care workers and members of French unions who were campaigning for better salaries. A representative of the health care workers demonstrating told Le Parisien that Antifa made their protests look bad.

“We are here for our salaries, for the safeguarding of our public hospitals,” she said, “and we end up with some demonstrators insulting police.”