Elizabeth Warren Lied About Being Fired “For Being Pregnant”

(PoliticalLookout.com) – During the Tuesday Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina, Elizabeth Warren outrageously claimed that she had previously been fired from a job for being pregnant.

She was also not telling the truth.

The far-left presidential hopeful said that, during her first job as a teacher, she was visibly pregnant and was fired as a result. The principal of the school, she said, wished her luck and gave her hob to somebody else. “Pregnancy discrimination? You bet,” she said.

Warren’s latest talking point isn’t new. She had made the claim several times since June 2019, but evidence suggests she is lying through her teeth. During a press interview in 2007, Warren admitted that she voluntarily left her position in 1971, and wasn’t fired.

In October, CBS covered the story and amplified Warren’s false claims that she was “shown the door” because of her pregnancy.

“Fresh out of the University of Houston, Warren was hired by the Riverdale Board of Education in New Jersey as a speech pathologist for the 1970-1971 school year. Since she began her campaign for the presidency, she has repeatedly said that she was ‘shown the door’ after just a year as a result of her pregnancy,” the outlet reported.

Breitbart News, however, cut through the lies and found the truth. Unearthing a 2007 interview, the outlet reported that “Warren said that she chose to leave her teaching job as a speech pathologist for disabled children in a public school primarily because she lacked the necessary qualifications.”

So it had nothing to do with her pregnancy, huh…

Minutes from a Riverdale Board of Education meeting in 1971, published by The Washington Free Beacon, also showed that Warren’s resignation (not firing!) was accepted by the school board “with regret.”

This isn’t the first time that Elizabeth Warren has told lies to advance her career. In August 2019, she was forced to apologize after it was exposed how she lied about having Native American ancestry to secure a college admission.

Should Warren successfully take the Democratic nomination for the 2020 election, President Donald Trump will have a wealth of historical examples of Warren telling lies. It doesn’t bode well for her campaign, does it?