EPIC: Nascar Truck Will Have #BACKTHEBLUE Emblazoned All Over It

(PoliticalLookout.com)- Nascar is all over the news at the moment after the decision was made to ban Confederate flags from the event, and after racer Bubba Wallace engaged in a hoax hate crime that suggested he was targeted with the hanging of a noose in his garage (it was a pull rope for the garage door). A lot of people have been angry about Nascar’s willingness to kowtow to the woke mob, which is what makes the news that Angela Ruch’s truck will feature a pro-police message.

Nascar driver Ruch will wrap her track with the #BackTheBlue logo and various other messages displaying support for the police, and the car will be seen racing on the Kentucky Speedway this weekend.

Images of the truck show an American flag on the bonnet, “SUPPORT OUR POLICE” emblazoned over the back, and many other pro-law enforcement messages that are, for some reason, controversial these days. It’s the result of a partnership between Ruch and “The Wounded Blue,” an organization that assists officers who have been injured while in the line of duty.

As well as the BackTheBlue logo, the truck also features the “Never Alone, Never Forgotten” slogan used by Wounded Blue, along with the Thin Blue Line American flag.

Commenting on her decision to feature the logos, Ruch said that, “Everywhere you turn today, good, hardworking police officers are under attack. We want to show law enforcement officers that we’ve got their backs.”

This isn’t the first time Ruch has made it clear that she’s a conservative. In May 2019, she drove a truck featuring a logo for Tomi Lahren, the popular Fox News conservative commentator.

What do you think – will supporting the police get Ruch canceled?