Facebook Announces Plans For Long Pause On ALL Political Advertising, Formulating New Policies

(PoliticalLookout.com)- After the November 3 presidential election, social media giant Facebook plans to end all political advertising while they regroup and consider their policies. The social network claims that the decision to end political advertising is important to “reduce opportunities for confusion or abuse.”

It comes as left-wing media outlets continue to freak out about the huge reach conservatives gain on social media.

On October 8, a list of the top-performing link posts for American Facebook pages over the previous 24 hours showed conservatives completely dominating the conversation. Republican conservative political commentator Dan Bongino occupied the top five spots, followed by a page called “USA Patriots for Donald Trump.”

CNN came seventh and Joe Biden eighth.

In a blog post, Facebook said that following the November election they will stop all political campaign ads for an indefinite period.

“While ads are an important way to express voice, we plan to temporarily stop running all social issue, electoral, or political ads in the U.S. after the polls close on November 3, to reduce opportunities for confusion or abuse,” the blog posts reads. “We will notify advertisers when this policy is lifted.”

The post made it clear the decision isn’t permanent, but it does mean that changes are likely to take place if political campaign advertisements are ever allowed back onto the platform.

While it was reported that the ban on ads would last for roughly a week, the social media platform also made it clear that this could be extended.

Sarah Schiff, Facebook’s head of political advertising, said in a call that Facebook knows the 2020 election “will be unlike any other” and that they are “continuing to build on efforts that promote authoritative information about the election.”

What kind of changes do you think Facebook might put in place to stop conservatives succeeding?