Facebook Employees Virtually ‘Walkout’ In Protest Of Social Media Site Not Censoring President Trump’s Messages

(PoliticalLookout.com)- Facebook employees are not happy with their employer’s decision not to act on messages posted by President Donald Trump on their platform, and they’re letting their boss know how the feel.
On Monday, hundreds of Facebook employees staged a virtual “walkout” to try to convince Facebook executives to take action on what they call the president’s inflammatory messages he has posted on the social media site over the last few weeks.
These employees said they would refuse to work to show their solidarity with the protestors around the country. Some of these employees even posted automated messages on their email responses and online profiles saying there were not in the office as a “show of protest.”
Some Facebook staff members have even circulated internal petitions, threatened to resign if action weren’t taken, and posting their displeasure on other social media networks such as Twitter.
The New York Times obtained a message that one employee posted on an internal message board, which read:
“The hateful rhetoric advocating violence against black demonstrators by the US President does not warrant defense under the guise of freedom of expression. Along with Black employees in the company, and all persons with a moral conscience, I am calling for Mark (Zuckerberg) to immediately take down the President’s post advocating violence, murder and imminent threat against Black people.”
While Twitter took direct action against messages Trump posted on their network last week — adding warning labels and fact-check labels to two of his messages — Facebook has taken a hands-off approach thus far. Zuckerberg has consistently said in the past that he believes Facebook shouldn’t get involved in what is posted to their site, instead allowing the public to decide what messages to believe and what not to believe.
Late last week, Zuckerberg — the CEO of Facebook — posted on his personal page:
“Personally, I have a visceral negative reaction to this kind of divisive and inflammatory rhetoric. But I’m responsible for reacting not just in my personal capacity but as the leader of an institution committed to free expression.”
After having a personal call with Trump on Friday, Zuckerberg then explained his positions regarding the posts to employees in a question-and-answer session that was live streamed. The New York Times, which again reviewed video of the call, reported many Facebook employees posted opposition comments in the sidebar, with some asking whether any black people were involved in the decision-making process.
One of the employees wrote:
“The lack of backbone, and this weak leadership, will be judged by history. Hate speech should never be compared to free speech. The president is literally threatening for the National Guard to shoot citizens. Maybe when we’re in the middle of a race war the policy will change.”
Zuckerberg’s general response to the threats of violence is that they are different because they talk about “state force,” which is legal. The CEO plans to continue to hold direct virtual meetings with employees to allow them to voice concerns.
As spokeswoman Liz Bourgeois said on Monday:
“We recognize the pain many of our people are feeling right now, especially our Black community. We encourage employees to speak openly when they disagree with leadership.”