Facebook Insider ADMITS Company Demonizes Cops and White Men

(PoliticalLookout.com)- Ryan Hartwig, a Facebook whistleblower who hit headlines recently when he exposed Facebook’s censorship of conservatives, recently admitted during a Breitbart interview that the social media giant actively demonizes cops and white men. Hartwig was part of a wider expose of Facebook., which included undercover video footage obtained by Project Veritas that shows Facebook employees admitting to censoring conservatives.

Hartwig didn’t work directly for Facebook, but instead for a third-party company called Cognizant which provided moderation services for the social media giant. Cognizant was largely responsible for following Facebook’s moderation guidelines and overseeing content published by users, and taking action when deemed necessary. Hartwig explained in the interview with John Hayward and Rebecca Mansour that he had worked for the company since 2018.

As a content moderator, Hartwig was responsible for enacting Facebook policy. He said in the interview that the policies pushed by the social media giant became increasingly biased over the two years he spent working at the company. He even claimed that exceptions were being made for left-wing activists and pages, specifically allowing them to demonize police officers and white men.

“There’s definitely a lot of bias,” he said. “It wasn’t just the content moderators, it’s the policy itself that’s biased and rigged against conservatives.”

He gave an example, explaining that, “if you’re attacking someone, you can call someone a ‘Trump-humper’ but you can’t call them a ‘feminazi,’ so words and phrases that are usually tied to left-wing people, you can’t call them that,” he said.”

“During pride month of June 2018…they said, we’re making an exception to policy,” Hartwig explained. “Now normally in the hate speech policy you can’t attack anyone because of their gender identities, but they said hey, during pride month it’s okay to attack straight white males and call them ‘filth’ if it’s in the context of attacking them for not supporting LGBT.”

“It extended to other policies as well,” he added. “Fairly recently, towards the end of my tenure there, they said it’s not a violation to call someone ‘white trash’ when before it was. So they modified the policy. Same thing goes with calling cops ‘pigs’ – they specifically said in their guidance to us that that would now be allowed.”

There you have it, folks! If they claim they’re doing it in the name of justice, then that means it’s allowed. You can demonize white men and cops to your heart’s extent…if you’re nasty enough to want to.