Failed Candidate Kamala Harris Says Police “Outdated” and “Backwards”

( Failed presidential candidate Kamala Harris has kowtowed to the far-left mob, perhaps unsurprisingly to many, and has called for a new system to replace the traditional police force. During an interview with “All In” on MSNBC, Harris said that the police force is “outdated.”

“It is actually wrong and backward to think that more police officers will create more safety,” she said.

Harris is being considered as a potential running mate for presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, and if that happens, it looks like they can immediately discount the vote of police officers.

“We have to reimagine what safety and public safety in America, you know, the status quo has been to determine and create policy around the idea that more police equals more safety, and that’s just wrong,” she said. The comment was as empty and vague as those made by Minneapolis City Council President Lisa Bender who recently called for “holistic thinking” to replace the police force.

“You know what creates greater safety?” Harris asked. “Funding our public schools so that currently two-thirds of our public school teachers don’t have to come out of their own back pocket to create school supplies, investing in the economic opportunities of communities, creating jobs.”

Her assertion, however, is proven wrong by the fact that President Donald Trump grew an economy so strong that before the Chinese coronavirus hit, black unemployment was at a record low. More Americans, of all races, were in employment than at any other time in history and despite this, crime still existed and police officers were necessary to protect the safety of American citizens.

“What creates safe and healthy communities, making sure all people have access to health care, mental health care, and that is within their reach, meaning it is affordable,” she added. “These are the things that create safe communities.”

Interestingly, the host didn’t ask Harris why the United Kingdom, a first-world country with a universal health care system, still experiences crime.

“We all have to step back and ask, is that the smartest and best way to actually achieve safety through healthy communities? We have safe communities,” she said.

Harris did not offer an explanation of what she would replace the police force with, and no other Democrat has done so either.