Far-Left Extremists Arrested After ASSAULTING State Senator in Wisconsin

(PoliticalLookout.com)- The Democrats want you to believe that the Black Lives Matter protests going on all over the country are completely peaceful, but incident after incident proves they’re not. On Monday, two women were arrested after physically assaulting a state senator. The women, one of whom is a social worker at a school, attacked the senator after they spotted him taking photographs of protesters pulling down statues.

Why don’t they want people to take photos of their peaceful protests if they really are just peaceful?

Samantha Hamer, a 26-year-old social worker from the Mount Horeb School district was arrested alongside 33-year-old Kerida O’Reilly.

The incident took place a while back now, back on June 24, but on Monday they both turned themselves in to the police. Hamer is currently on administrative leave from the school.

Local journalist Lance Veeser published a still image from footage of the assault, which showed how a mob of violent far-left extremists attack Democratic Senator Tim Carpenter. He hit the ground after the violent radicals kicked and punched him in the head. The beating was so bad that Carpenter required surgery.

“I believe this is State Senator Tim Carpenter,” Veeser said. “Minutes earlier he told us the protesters assaulted him. Then he collapsed walking towards the Capitol.”

Veeser said he called the paramedics and an ambulance arrived to help him.

O’Reilly and Hamer will face justice and appeared at the Dane County Circuit Count on Wednesday. They are up against charges of substantial battery and robbery with use of force.

Don’t go thinking that they turned themselves in out of a sense of guilt or duty, though. Police officers credited the local community for helping find the women, and after they were identified, the women turned themselves in knowing they would be found soon enough anyway.

For how long can Democrats claim that these protests are peaceful?