Former Democrat Congresswoman Gets UPSET Over Trump’s NASCAR Performance

( – Why do the Democrats hate it when people have fun?

Over the weekend, President Donald Trump became the first serving president to be the grand marshall at the Daytona 500 NASCAR races. He wowed the audiences by swooping Air Force One just 800 feet over the cheering crowd, and once he arrived at the venue, even took the Beast for a spin round the track.

The news took the country by storm, and the visuals of tens of thousands of American people cheering the president at the NASCAR races obviously scared the Democrats in the run-up to the November elections.

Former Democratic Congresswoman Katie Hill took to Twitter to complain about Trump’s appearance at the event, failing to mask her emotion and showing the world just how miserable she and her colleagues can be.

“At a restaurant. Trump and a motorcade at the Daytona 500 comes on the TV. I literally don’t know whether to laugh or cry or scream or just sigh. All. We’re gonna go with all.”

That’s right. A former congresswoman laughed, cried, screamed, and sighed over the appearance of a democratically elected president at NASCAR. The fact that the audience loved him, and voted for him in the first place, clearly meant nothing to Hill.

See for yourself!

The tweet drew the attention of thousands of people, including Republicans who couldn’t help but laugh at her clear refusal to accept the democratic will of the people.

NewsBusters Managing Editor Curtis Houck responded, saying, “Your contempt for millions of Americans is despicable. The #Daytona500 is a crowd you’ll never understand.”

It’s interesting that Hill thinks she has the moral highground, given her dodgy history. The former congresswoman was forced to leave office after a House Ethics Committee revealed they were launching an investigation into Hill. The investigation began after allegations arose that she had had an affair with a congressional staffer – a relationship that violates House rules.

In October 2019, the House Ethics Committee said, “The Committee is aware of public allegations that Representative Katie Hill may have engaged in a sexual relationship with an individual on her congressional staff, in violation of House Rule XXIII, clause 18(a). The Committee, pursuant to Committee rule 18(a), has begun an investigation and will gather additional information regarding the allegations.”

Before Hill gets on her high horse about the president, perhaps she should get her own life in order!

Meanwhile, millions of Americans will continue cheering for the president.