Glenn Beck Reacts To Parler Shutdown

(PoliticalLookout)- Conservative legend Glenn Beck hit out at Amazon and Big Tech on Monday, describing the unprecedented anti-conservative bias and censorship on social media platforms. On his radio show, Beck discussed the decision by Amazon to remove alternative social media platform Parler’s access to Amazon Web Services, forcing the website offline.

Parler was also removed from Apple and Google app stores, meaning mobile phone and tablet users could not access the platform in its optimized app format.

“You can’t find them on the internet anymore. They’re gone,” Beck said.

“This is something I warned you of four years ago, because a profound technological change is coming,” Beck added. “I told you, at the time, high tech will need the government, and the government will need high tech, And they will work together to preserve their power and their position. This is what’s happening today.”

Beck also described how he believes the far left has been working to ensure companies like Parler can’t exist for years, and that the Capitol Hill unrest on January 6 was just the opportunity they needed to do it.

“This is not the end of this. This is where the far left is starting. Those who persist in standing for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom to assemble, freedom to keep and bear arms, those people will be targeted to deletion. You will be hounded, boycotted, fired, ostracized, and de-platformed.”

“But, let me say this,” Beck added. “I will never stop standing for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom to keep and bear arms, and all of the rest of the Bill of Rights. This is the American thing to do.”

Parler’s stripping of access to Amazon Web Services means that the platform will likely need to take the same approach as fellow alternative social media platform, Gab. The network, which was formed several years ago, built its own server system to ensure it could never be taken offline by leftists.

However, maintaining access to app stores will be near impossible at this point. With Google and Apple dominating the smartphone market, a decision to remove Parler from their app stores means that the vast majority of smartphone users will be unable to install the Parler app even if they know how to do it without the app store.

Apple and Google justified their decision by claiming that Parler did not take adequate measures to stop the spread of posts inciting violence, despite the network already having a system established to remove posts that incite violence or break the law.