Google BLOCKS Negative Stories About BLM From Search

( Reports suggesting that Google, the world’s most popular search engine, is blocking search results and suggestions that make Black Lives Matter look bad. A report from Allum Bokhari, the tech reporter at Breitbart, suggests the autocomplete feature on Google doesn’t generate negative suggestions when you type in the words “BLM” into their search bar.

Bokhari said that the difference was immediately noticeable when compared to other search engines, stating that typing in the words “BLM is” into Google only delivers the suggestion “BLM Israel.” It doesn’t show a long list of suggestions of what people are searching.

Now might be the time to look for an alternative search engine. They might not be quite as good as Google in some respects, but at least they won’t block certain things from your search results. Give it a go right now – search for something negative on Google and then head to a competing search engine like Bing.

The results are different, right?

Bokhari noticed the same thing with autosuggestions. If you use DuckDuckGo, perhaps the most popular search engine used by conservatives trying to ditch Google, you’ll see that people are searching for negative things about Black Lives Matter. The Breitbart report shows a screenshot of people searching phrases like “BLM is a front,” “BLM is funded by,” “BLM is cancer,” and “BLM is marxists.”

Either Google really doesn’t have any users searching things like this, or they have specifically banned suggestions that might make BLM look bad. What do you think the truth is?

Bokhari also showed how Wikipedia is blocking search results about the funding of BLM, which is shrouded in mystery – or at least, part of the funding is.

When you search “BLM is funded by” on DuckDuckGo, you are presented with a Breitbart report which explains the funding and ideology of BLM, a report from the Independent Sentinel on the same topic, and a report by the Washington Examiner.

When you search on Google, it’s quite different. A Wikipedia entry for Black Lives Matter appears at the top, and nothing else that might be interpreted as negative.

For just how long can Google keep getting away with this?