GOP Congressman Says Republican Party Has “Never Been” More United Against Socialism Before

( Amidst the chaos of the new Biden administration, Republican freshman Congressman Madison Cawthorn offered a glimmer of hope recently, saying that the Republican Party is more united than ever against socialism.

Speaking to the Washington Examiner last Saturday, Cawthorn said that the GOP “has never been more united.”

His comments came in response to questions about Rep. Liz Cheney, who was censured by the Wyoming GOP over her decision to vote for the impeachment of former President Donald Trump. Despite the internal battle and the divergence of opinion on some ideological matters, the freshman legislators told Republicans that the party remains strong.

“I made a statement that I think surprised a lot of my fellow colleagues. I said, ‘What just happened in that room tells me that the Republican Party has never been more united.’ Because we had the back of Liz Cheney, and we had the back of Marjorie Greene,” he explained.

Despite being censured, House Republicans voted on Wednesday to allow Rep. Cheney to maintain her leadership position in the House GOP. In a 145-61 internal vote after a four-hour meeting with her colleagues, the Republicans allowed her to remain the House Republican Conference Chair. She is the third-highest-ranking member of the House Republicans.

Cawthorn said that a party that backs Cheney as well as Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who was stripped of her committee assignments by House Democrats, is a united one.

“And that is because, no matter the faults of either of those women, we are here to fight against something that is so evil, and both of them are fighters, and we are here to go against this radical state of liberalism that has taken root in our country,” he added.

Cawthorn also told the outlet that he didn’t agree with stripping Taylor-Greene of her committee assignments, clarifying that if reports are accurate about comments she made in the past, then he condemns them.

“But you know what, I am here to fight something much more evil,” he said.

“There are people like Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortez, Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who have said very dangerous things,” he added. “There’s a lot of double standard going on here in Washington.”

The Examiner revealed how political momentum has given Cawthorn optimism about resolving disputes in the party and moving forward. He also reportedly declined to reveal how his office voted in the Liz Cheney dispute.

But with Cawthorn’s unwavering support of President Donald Trump…maybe you can guess…