Gun Stores Can’t Keep Shelves Stocked As Americans FEAR Joe Biden Presidency

( After seeing record gun sales throughout 2020, largely as a result of the unprecedented violence orchestrated across various American cities by far-left activists, gun stores across the country are now struggling to keep enough stock. Americans are continuing to purchase guns and protect themselves as the results of the general election remain uncertain, and the possibility of far-left extremists taking the office of the White House looms.

While mainstream media outlets have already called the 2020 election for Joe Biden, several court cases are yet to be heard that could change the result of the election in key swing states. Should the evidence of electoral fraud taking place in states like Pennsylvania turn out to be true, Joe Biden’s plans to become the next president could be halted.

But the American people aren’t taking their chances, and Cam Edwards from “Bearing Arms” reported that there is a current surge of gun purchases across the country that has resulted in gun-shop owners telling the media that they cannot keep shelves stocked.

Edwards said that the surge is a result of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden “already making plans to use executive and administrative actions to target legal gun owners.”

In the piece, he argued that even if Biden and the Democrats don’t take the Senate, which looks like it might not be the case, he will still target legal gun owners through executive action. Sales have surged in recent weeks and continue to surge as the media tells the country Biden has won.

Speaking to Fox 56, Pennsylvania gun-store owner Chris Harding said that it has been “crazy” and “every week, it’s getting worse.” He explained how his business, H&H Tactical in Exeter, was making steady sales and that around 60% of his customers have been first-time buyers.

“They’re buying anything they can get their hands on,” he said. “High capacity magazines, guns, ammo, anything that they’re calling assault weapons.”

The focus on assault weapons is important, and these are the kind of guns that Joe Biden has pledged to ban the sale of or tax heavily – even though there isn’t such a thing as an “assault weapon.”

Fox 56 reported that customers believed a White House controlled by the Democrats would seriously limit their Second Amendment rights.

If the country is scared of a Biden presidency, shouldn’t that tell us something?