Hillary Clinton: A Hypocrite, A Sore Loser And An Electoral College Delegate

(PoliticalLookout.com)- It should come as no surprise by now that Hillary Clinton is a hypocrite.

On Tuesday, she revealed yet another hypocrisy in a long list of them — she is an elector in the Electoral College, representing New York.

On a SiriusXM “Signal Boost” radio program Tuesday, Clinton revealed she is an elector in the state of New York, making her one of the 538 electors around the country. She even beamed about the job, saying:

“I’m sure I’ll get to vote for Joe (Biden) and (Senator Kamala Harris) in New York. So, that’s pretty exciting.”

The hypocritical part about Clinton’s role is that she has, on many occasions, called for the abolition of the Electoral College. Now, she’s contributing directly to the process that she has so fervently rallied against in the past.

Clinton believes the president of the United States should be elected by national popular vote rather than the Electoral College. In the 2016 election, Clinton garnered roughly 2.9 million more total votes than Donald Trump did, but she lost because Trump won a majority of the Electoral College votes.

The Electoral College is written into the U.S. Constitution. Americans vote for the 538 electors, who then meet in their states and vote for the president and vice president of the country. The electors make up the Electoral College.

Their votes are counted by the president of the Senate in front of a joint session of Congress. Each state has the responsibility of choosing their representative electors.

States are given a certain number of electors based on the number of members of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate they have. The District of Columbia gets three Electoral College votes, even though they have no congressional representatives.

A president must earn at least 270 electoral votes in order win a presidential election.

Because of the way voting for the presidential election is designed, a candidate can win the election (via Electoral College) without garnering the most total votes nationwide. This happened with Clinton, who lost to Trump in 2016, as well as Democrat Al Gore, who lost to George W. Bush in 2000.

Since that 2000 election, Clinton has called for the end of the Electoral College. Following the outcome of that election, she said:

“I believe strongly that in a democracy, we should respect the will of the people, and to me, that means it’s time to do away with the Electoral College and move to the popular election of our president.”

Again in 2017, almost a year after she lost the 2016 election to Trump, Clinton told CNN she believed the Electoral College needs to be eliminated. She said:

“I’d like to see us move beyond it.”

I guess moving beyond it includes directly contributing to its existence by serving a prominent role. It seems like Clinton is, yet again, doing things that serve her own good, and not actually standing for anything she actually believes in.

Her previous comments about the Electoral College now make it seem even more that she was just a sore loser.