Hollywood UNEMPLOYED as Coronavirus Destroys Entertainment Industry

(PoliticalLookout.Com)- If there is one silver lining of this whole coronavirus pandemic it’s possibly that Hollywood has been brought to its knees. As a result of the strict lockdown measures being kept in place, Hollywood has recently seen a huge wave of staff reductions, from theme park turnstiles right up to corporate offices.

The loss of blue-collar jobs is no reason to celebrate, of course, but as corporate suits and biased Hollywood ideologues start being laid off, we’re less likely to see more of their propaganda on our screens for a while.

In Los Angeles County, more than 14,000 people working in the entertainment industry have lost their jobs over the last two months. The news comes from a new report by dot.LA, a tech news website. Reports from the Hollywood Reporter also suggest that the industry could be dramatically hit in the second quarter.

Breitbart reports that Endeavor, the biggest talent agency in Hollywood which also operates a studio, has announced it plans to either furlough or lay off around a third of its staff.

Hollywood’s production sector, which includes crew members who work all year round to help with the production of television shows and movies, is one of the worst affected parts of the region’s economy. That’s certainly not something to celebrate, as these are the blue-collar workers who don’t control the content but do work long hours to ensure their bosses can produce the movies we watch in the cinemas.

Beyond unemployment for Hollywood’s propagandists, however, a huge number of events have been canceled for the first time in their history. Comic-Con is canceled, Coachella postponed, Disneyland is completely closed, the iHeartRadio Music Awards have been delayed, and so much more.

Filming for big movies has come grinding to a halt, too, and there’s no end in sight. Los Angeles County recently announced that the stay-at-home order will be extended by a further three months, in a move that surprised many. By then the virus situation may have vastly changed, and businesses may have been able to open safely as they have already done in Colorado.

Pray for Hollywood…