Howard Stern Tells Ellen DeGeneres to Embrace her New “Prick” Image

( Howard Stern might be an ass, but he can be a funny ass sometimes. The legendary radio host picked up on the accusations of Ellen DeGeneres being rude and hostile to employees of her show behind the scenes and told the notoriously “friendly” TV host to embrace her new image. Stern told Ellen she should “just be a prick” from now on.

If you missed the story, a BuzzFeed investigation recently revealed how current and former employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show experienced sexual harassment, racism, and some pretty nasty bullying. Many former employees said that DeGeneres was responsible for the hostile work environment, which prompted other employees to come forward with disturbing stories.

One person alleged that they lost their job after taking a mental health sabbatical as a result of a suicide attempt, while another said they were reprimanded for attending a funeral.

DeGeneres has been in damage control, publishing apologies on Twitter and embracing kind messages from fellow celebrities who have showered her with praise. It isn’t working too well, however, and Stern thinks a better option is for the TV show host to embrace her new image as a “prick.”

Stern made the comments on Monday morning on his SiriusXM show, saying that if he was Ellen, he’d change his image completely.

“I’d go on the air and be a son of a bitch…people would come on and I would go, ‘F*ck you.’” He said. “Just be a prick.”

The two have an interesting history, too. Ten years ago, Stern launched into a rant about the TV host after reports she was giving up her role as a judge on American Idol because Stern was expected to become a part of the show. Stern called DeGeneres a “jerk” and a “foul piece of garbage.”

As early as 2010 Stern said that “people who work with her know she’s a tyrant ogre” and that the “whole nice girl image is a lot of horsesh*t fakery.”

“She’s a miserable woman,” he added.

If Stern knew this way back in 2010, how did it take so long for the news to come out?