HUFF: Jake Tapper Ends Interview After White House Official Slams CNN Over Dishonesty

( CNN anchor Jake Tapper got mad and abruptly ended an interview with White House Trade Adviser Peter Navarro on Sunday after he made disparaging remarks about the network. Navarro said that CNN, the far-left news network, was not being “honest with the American people.”

Tapper got angry after the interview became heated, before abruptly ending it so that Navarro couldn’t expose the network’s dishonesty any further. Fox News reported how the interview “devolved into a political fight” after Tapper accused Navarro and the Trump administration of being dishonest, before the senior adviser then accused CNN of lying.

“CNN is not honest with the American people. Do you want to go there? We can do that,” Navarro said.

Tapper did not want to do that.

The discussion related to the Trump administration’s efforts to prepare the United States for the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Tapper accused the Trump administration of not doing enough and when Navarro explained everything the federal government did – “moving mountains” on PPE and preparations – Tapper couldn’t respond.

And as Navarro continued to answer, Tapper than started accusing President Trump of lying to the American people about the severity of the virus, based on recent audio published of a private conversation between President Trump and Bob Woodward. In the tape, President Trump described how he was attempting to play down the virus to avoid a panic. The problem with this narrative, however, is that President Trump said the same thing publicly and continued to say that he refuses to deliver the worst news every day to avoid sending the country into a frenzy.

Navarro countered Tapper, but he didn’t want to hear it – and that’s when Tapper smugly dismissed everything he had to say and shut down the interview.

Classic CNN tactics, huh?

What Navarro tried to express during the interview was that President Trump was prepared for the pandemic and that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other high-profile Democrats were not taking it seriously at the beginning of the year. Don’t forget…Joe Biden said it was “xenophobic” to close the borders to China and Nancy Pelosi encouraged people from all over the country to visit San Francisco’s China Town in late February.