Hunter Biden Continues To Hold Stake In Shady Chinese Companies

(PoliticalLookout)- Hunter Biden, the scandal-ridden son of President Joe Biden, has held on to a 10% stake in a shady Chinese private equity firm despite both he and his father claiming he has done nothing wrong. Chinese business records show that the young Biden was not fulfilling his earlier promise to divest his position from BHR Partners and that he is still very much making money from the connections made during his father’s time as vice president.

In December, Hunter Biden was reported to be offloading his stake in BHR, with mainstream media outlets citing a source familiar with Hunter Biden’s business dealings. It appeared to be a PR measure from the Biden camp to distract the press.

Baidu and Qixinbao both reported this week, however, that Hunter Biden has held on to the stake through Skaneateles LLC, a company he owners. Both Baidu and Qixinbao are independence services that publish business records taken from China’s National Credit Information Publicity System.

You aren’t getting away that easily, Hunter!

The news was revealed by The Daily Caller, and as of January 28, the mainstream media has not covered this story.

Not even a little!

As President Joe Biden offloads American energy jobs to China and Russia, the shady business dealings done by his son in China are being ignored by the mainstream press.

BHR manages some $2.1 billion in assets and is co-owned by the Bank of China, which is controlled by the communist state.

So why does the son of the President of the United States share ownership of a company with the Chinese government?

Biden’s lawyer George Mesires has so far not commented on the story, but he has previously issued statements saying that his client has not made any money from his BHR investment. It was an insincere statement, however, as he failed to acknowledged the fact that Hunter Biden was told that he would expect to generate income in the future. His business partner, Eric Schwerin, said in an email in December 2018 that Hunter Biden should expect to make income from the investment “over the next couple years.”

When will President Joe Biden step in and stop his son making millions of dollars from Chinese Communist Party-controlled foreign businesses?