Hunter Biden Knew About Probe Long Before He Admitted

( Hunter Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, appears to have known about an ongoing investigation into his business dealings abroad and tax affairs, despite claiming in a statement on December 8 that he only heard about the investigation “for the first time” this month.

RealClearPolitics reports suggest that it is likely that Hunter Biden actually knew about the investigations long before mainstream media outlets even knew it was happening.

“One of the FBI documents from the laptop published by the Post ‘included a case number that had the code associated with an ongoing federal money-laundering investigation in Delaware, according to several law enforcement officials who reviewed the document. Another document — one with a grand jury subpoena number — appeared to show the initials of two assistant U.S. attorneys linked to the Wilmington, Delaware, office.’ Hunter Biden claims he only learned of the investigation this past week, but these documents suggest otherwise,” Hemingway explained in the piece.

And, as reported last week, a lot of what is being published by the media about Hunter Biden today is exactly the same as what was reported by the New York Post back in October. The only difference now is that the election is over and the media can cover it without worrying about how it might impact the way people vote.

Hemingway also explained in the RCP piece that if the media had reported on the issue to begin with, then the results of the election would have been wildly different.

Election fraud aside, social media suppression of the Hunter Biden story was enough to swing the election in favor of Joe Biden in November.

Now we know that the investigation into Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings began way back in 2018, and was ongoing during the 2020 presidential election. Despite this, Attorney General William Barr didn’t think it was important to inform Congress.

That’s probably why he’s “leaving” before Christmas.

RCP also explained how James Rosen from the Sinclair Broadcast Group confirmed in October that an official from the Justice Department confirmed that Hunter Biden was under investigation…but no media outlet seemed to want to follow up on it.

The evidence suggests that Hunter Biden knew he was under investigation, but remained quiet throughout the campaign to help his father win the election.

Could the Biden family be the most corrupt family to ever enter the White House?