Hunter Biden Laptop Repairman Tells All

(PoliticalLookout)- Remember the Hunter Biden laptop scandal? The one the media told you was Russian propaganda when…it wasn’t? Well it looks like there’s still more to this story.

The owner of the Wilmington, Delaware, computer repair shop where the son of former Vice President Joe Biden abandoned his laptop, recently came forward and told his story of abuse and media smears since publishing shocking evidence of corruption in the Biden family.

John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the store, has published a GoFundMe page where he has posted a series of videos explaining how he is not a Russian and not a hacker.

“To imply that I’m a hacker and that that information was hacked has had an irreversible impact on my business and character,” Mac Isaac says in one video.

Mac Isaac was accused by Twitter of obtaining information on the Hunter Biden laptop through hacking after they deleted posts made by the New York Post that they claim broke their anti-hacking policy.

In reality, the information that was provided to the New York Post was legally obtained after Biden abandoned the computer at Mac Isaac’s store.

In the videos, Mac Isaac says that the FBI at first wanted nothing to do with the laptop, and the evidence on the machine showing Biden engaging in questionable business deals in Ukraine and China while his father was in the White House. However, when the FBI finally took possession of the laptop on December 9, 2019, he felt like the agency was simply waiting for Hunter Biden to claim it.

Mac Isaac also revealed how he has faced death threats ever since the media and Twitter portrayed him as a hacker or a Russian agent. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe also confirmed that there was no evidence to suggest the information obtained from the laptop was a Russian disinformation campaign.

On the GoFundMe page, Mac Isaac describes how he comes from a patriotic family, and that he has been repairing Macintosh computers using large screens and visual aids as he is legally blind. He also describes the story of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“While recovering the data for Hunter Biden, John Paul came across information that may have relevance to ongoing investigations by federal law enforcement,” the site says. “As a patriotic American, he contacted the FBI.”

Mac Isaac has raised over $60,000 and is hoping to raise $100,000. He is suing Twitter.