Hunter Biden STILL OWNS 10% Chinese Equity Firm Stake

( The scandals of Hunter Biden, the son of former vice president and presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, seem to have been ignored by the press for months now. Joe Biden’s son has benefited greatly from his father’s political successes, reportedly having traveled dozens of times with secret service security on official government planes, and reaping the rewards of government connections.

He’s finally back in the news, though, as reports suggest the Democratic candidate’s youngest son actually kept a ten percent stake in an equity firm that has close connections with the Chinese government. Biden kept the stake despite publicly resigning from the board of directors months ago, in an attempt to show there are no dodgy connections to China.

If it was an attempt to help his dad with the presidency (which, let’s face it, it was) then it wasn’t a meaningful decision. He might not officially be on the board of directors, but he’s still making money from China.

Hunter Biden was once a lobbyist but in the wake of his father becoming vice president soon became a global businessman. He resigned from Bohai Harvest RST in October last year, after media scrutiny of Bien’s connections to China because a bit much. President Donald Trump even urged Ukraine to look into ties between one of the country’s biggest energy companies and the Bidens, which caused a giant scandal.

That scandal lasted until it became clear Biden would be the presidential nominee for the Democrats, and then the media started rallying around him.

When Hunter Biden originally resigned from the board of BHR, he denied having done anything wrong. He made it clear that his connections to the firm had nothing to do with his father (yeah, right). He did, however, publicly express regret for working with the company as he knew it was causing his father problems.

A Daily Caller report shows that, according to corporation records filed with the National Credit Information Publicity System in China, Hunter Biden still owns a stake in BHR. It is unclear, however, how much it’s worth. Biden claims, through his lawyer, that the stake is worth $420,000 – but others say it could be worth millions.

Will Biden get away with this…again?