Ilhan Omar: “Racist” To Acknowledge Coronavirus Chinese Origins, Despite It Being True

( – Ilhan Omar is the Democratic Representative for Minnesota. She also denies facts.

On Tuesday, the lawmaker said it is “racist” for anybody to acknowledge the geographic origins of the coronavirus by calling it the “Chinese Coronavirus.” The disease, which has been officially labeled COVID-19, is still widely referred to as the Wuhan Virus or the Chinese Coronavirus.

The virus originated in Wuhan, China.

Responding to a tweet from Republican congressman Kevin McCarthy, who used the phrase “Chinese coronavirus,” Omar responded, “Viruses do not have nationalities. This is racist.”

Does she know the Spanish Flu wasn’t a Spanish citizen?

Omar’s comments come after Republican Arizona Representative Paul Gosar was smeared by Democrats and media outlets for calling the virus the “Wuhan virus.” In a tweet, the congressman explained how he and three of his senior members of staff would be self-isolating after coming into contact with somebody suffering from the illness.

It soon backfired, however, when people informed Omar that many members of the press have referred to the virus as Chinese, too. COVID-19 was not widely used until weeks after people first started exhibiting symptoms of the virus, meaning numerous variations of the name have been used since.

In fact, even CNN, NBC, and NPR have all used the term “Wuhan virus” at some point during their reporting. And yet, Ilhan Omar refused to condemn them as racist.

If the Democrats continue arbitrarily labeling things racist, they’ll just continue alienating much of the American public. It all bodes well for President Trump in the November elections if the Democrats want to continue fighting this made-up menace!