INSANE Joy Reid Dismisses Black Republicans Speaking At GOP, Invents Crazy Theory About “White Nationalism”

( You know Joy Reid, right? She’s the MSNBC host who is convinced that President Donald Trump and Republicans generally are white supremacists. She’s so sold on the idea that even when a huge number of black Republicans – and former Democrats – speak at the Republican National Convention, it’s still just a big ruse for white nationalism.

On Thursday, Reid told her followers to read an article published by far-left outlet “The Nation” which argues that the black people who spoke at the RNC are…not really black, or something like that.

“If you read one thing today, this would be a good choice,” she said.

“@ElieNYC writes about the outrage and pathos of the Black people the #RNCConvention trotted out to make white Americans feel good about white nationalism,” she said.

Her comments reveal that she is not able to even consider the possibility that she might be wrong. Instead of rethinking her hypothesis that the Republican party is racist when she sees many black people supporting the party, Reid instead promotes a conspiracy theory that it’s all just a plot to make people more comfortable with white nationalism.

How many black people need to support President Trump and the Republicans for Reid to consider the possibility that she is wrong?

In the piece (we read it so you don’t have to) Elie attacked several black speakers from the RNC and called them “black tokens” who were only there to say “thank you” to their white masters.

Isn’t that anti-black racism? Black people can think for themselves, Elie.

“The Black people who were allowed to speak at this convention were there to transmit one message to white listeners: ‘It’s OK.’ Trump’s racism is OK, because here’s one of Trump’s Black golfing buddies,” he wrote.

“Cops and vigilantes’ shooting black people is OK, because here’s a Black ex-con who complied with the police and is still alive,” he added.

What about all the Black people who don’t subscribe to Black Lives Matter? And who want more policing in their neighborhoods? A vast majority do, according to polls.

Is Joy Reid just a racist?