INSIDER Reveals “Diversity Scores” for Facebook Employees

( A Facebook insider has revealed how the social media giant enforces wokeness in its employee ranks, and allegedly canceled all of its meetings on Friday to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday. Unlike Elon Musk’s Tesla, which grants Juneteenth as a holiday for all employees, Facebook instead opted to force its employees to take part in a “day of learning.”

During their day of learning, Facebook employees were reportedly subject to five hours of lectures by Black Lives Matter leader DeRay McKesson and even the former Attorney General, Eric Holder. Employees were not allowed to dissent and were forced to sit through the meetings instead of doing their work.

For those who may never have heard of it, because it’s not officially a national holiday, Juneteenth is the annual celebration of the liberation of slaves in Texas by the Union Army. Texas was the most remote Confederate state meaning it happened after than in other states, and it occurred on June 19, 1865. Texans celebrate the event every year, with other states joining in with the celebrations in more recent years.

An inside source from Facebook claimed that “all company meetings” were “canceled without exception.” The source also claimed that it was the first time Facebook ever did it.

According to the source, directors at Facebook are also rated on how well they are able to “foster a diverse environment.” One director even reportedly received a low rating inside the company when several “people of color” resigned and left the country under their watch.

Facebook hasn’t confirmed the claim but did not deny that they rank their employees based on how well they support their diversity agenda. Responding to the accusation, Facebook said that they “expect everyone” to “contribute to an inclusive environment.”

“We hold leaders and managers accountable to delivering on our diversity and inclusion strategy,” they added.

The Facebook insider also made public a copy of the schedule that was allegedly sent out to Facebook employees before the day of lectures took place. Some of the lecturers included a panel discussion about how to combat racial injustice, and a conversation between Trayvon Martin’s mother and two female Facebook employees who “lost family members to police.”