Iran Missile DESTROYS Israeli Ship

( An Israeli cargo ship suffered damage from a missile on Thursday in the Arabian Sea. And according to an Israeli security official, the attack is suspected to have come from Iran.

The official wanted to remain anonymous when he spoke to Reuters. He said the ship that is owned by an Israeli company was traveling to India from Tanzania. The official didn’t provide any other details.

According to the news website of Ynet, an Israeli media company, the ship was sailing with the Liberian flag. It didn’t sustain serious damage from the attack. Another media outlet, Channel 12 news, said the ship is owned by a company called XT Management, which is based in Haifa.

Government officials from Israel as well as officials from the company wouldn’t comment to Reuters. Dryad Global, a maritime security company, did say the ship came to a full stop and drifted for roughly three hours before it continued journeying at the original speed it was traveling.

The ship was coming from Dar Es Salaam and going to Mundra, a port city in India.

This apparent attack comes roughly one month after Iran was blamed for an explosion that happened on board another ship owned by Israel, this one in the Gulf of Oman.

During the overnight hours of February 25 into February 26, a blast above the water line was seen from the MV Helios Ray, which was carrying vehicles. Israeli officials said limpet mines were used in that attack.

Iran denied any role in that attack, with the spokesman for Foreign Ministry of the country, Saeed Khatibzadeh, saying:

“We strongly reject this accusation.”

Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have accused Iran of being in charge, though. In fact, that attack was similar to a series of attacks that happened in 2019 on tankers, as well as a series of attacks that happened roughly 40 years ago.

The attacks seem to be going back and forth. In late 2019, Israel targeted roughly 12 ships that were on their way to Syria, according to a Wall Street Journal report. Those ships were transporting oil from Iran.

Israel apparently targeted those vessels as well as others that had cargo from Iran. Most of the strikes happened in the Red Sea, but others happened in other locations.

A U.S. and regional report said the attacks didn’t sink any of the ships, but forced some of them to return to Iran.

Israel apparently wanted to stop Iran’s trading of oil because it felt they were using the profits from it to finance extremists in the region. Despite this, Iran has continued to trade oil with Syria, which is a violation of international sanctions on Damascus and U.S. sanctions on Tehran.

Now, though, it seems that Iran is striking back, seeking to deal their own direct blows to Israeli ships. Tensions in the Middle East have increased in recent months, as the United States is trying to get back to the table with Tehran to discuss rejoining the nuclear deal with Iran.