IT HAPPENED: Rioters Deface Baltimore George Washington Statue

( So, it finally happened. They’re now coming for the statues of founder father, George Washington. According to a report from Fox Baltimore, the memorial statue located in Druid Hill Park in northwestern Baltimore was vandalized, with the words “Destroy Racists” spray-painted over the monument. It was also defaced with the initials “BLM” standing for “Black Lives Matter,” showing who was responsible for the vandalism.

The vandalism comes as the nation still struggles with violent and dangerous riots across many major American cities. Black Lives Matter and Antifa activists take to the streets on a daily basis, marching and protesting against perceived racism, and in some of the worst instances have burned down churches and black-owned businesses.

Speaking to local FOX45 News station, one local man said that he opposed the graffiti.

“As slavery was our initial sin as a country, he was a part of that and we have to own all of his story, not just part of his story,” he said.

It’s a sentiment echoed by the vast majority of the country who watch in horror as armed and violent Antifa/BLM extremists take to the streets to occupy portions of cities, declare “autonomous zones” and pull statues down with ropes and chains.

At the time of reporting, the police still hadn’t responded as they had not received any calls for vandalism. FOX45 reported that cans of red paint had been left at the scene.

In 2018, another statue in Baltimore was vandalized by far-left activists. A monument to Francis Scott Key, the man who wrote the lyrics to the American national anthem, was defaced with the words “RACIST ANTHEM.” And, in 2017, four confederate statues in Baltimore were removed.

Make no mistake, they won’t stop at the confederates or even George Washington