Jen Psaki Blames Stairs For Biden’s Fall

( White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki assumed the role of propagandist in chief last week when she blamed President Joe Biden’s embarrassing fall on the stairs of Air Force One…on the stairs.

Psaki said during a White House press briefing that the “tricky” stairs were to blame for President Biden stumbling and then falling for a second time while walking up into the aircraft.

Missed it? We’ve got you covered. Check the clip below.

Throughout his campaign and into his presidency there have been plenty of rumors and speculation about President Joe Biden’s health. Not only has the president famously relied on teleprompters to get through interviews, he even fell and broke his foot before inauguration day.

Psaki attempted to quell rumors about Biden’s poor health, saying that she was not aware of the president requiring “extensive medical attention” after his most recent fall.

A journalist during the briefing noted that Psaki didn’t say “no” when asked whether Biden received medical attention, to which she responded that a doctor travels with presidents on all Air Force One flights, suggesting he may have been examined after all.

“I’m just trying to be completely transparent,” she said. “He’s absolutely fine, as he was on Friday and was this weekend. He spent the weekend at Camp David. He’s good.”

Psaki insisted that the steps are “a little tricky sometimes,” but President Donald Trump never had any trouble.

And when the former president took a little extra time to safely walk down a slippery ramp while wearing leather shoes before a commencement rally, members of the press speculated that he had Parkinson’s.

Remember that?

And no, in case you were wondering, CNN has not hosted an hour-long special questioning President Joe Biden’s health. Not after he fell up the stairs twice, not after he forgot President Barack Obama’s name, and not after he bombed Syria just weeks into his presidency.