Jen Psaki Gets Demolished By Fox News Reporter

( White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is having a rough old time trying to follow in the footsteps of former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany, struggling to answer even simple questions from reporters at Fox and Newsmax.]

Psaki recently went head-to-head with Fox reporter Peter Doocy who asked her a series of questions about the crisis at the southern border – the same crisis that Psaki, Vice President Harris, and President Biden all insist isn’t happening.

Doocy’s questions eventually got so difficult for her to answer honestly that Psaki just stopped answering and moved on to another reporter.

Doocy started by asking about the Border Patrol agents in the Rio Grande Valley who are letting adult illegal aliens into the United States without issuing notices to appear, meaning they have effectively been granted access to the United States without any requirement to appear before a judge.

“Is the Biden immigration policy just becoming more of, like, the honor system?” he asked.

Psaki then claimed that he was offering an “inaccurate description” of what is happening on the border. But he wasn’t.

NBC News recently obtained internal documents showing that this is precisely the policy being enacted by the U.S. Border Patrol, under orders from the Biden administration.

But Psaki insists otherwise.

“So there’s no change in policy. The border remains closed. Families and single adults are being expelled under Title 42 and should not attempt to cross illegally. In the narrow, narrow circumstances in which families can’t be expelled, the family is tested and quarantined as needed and placed in immigration proceedings to commence,” she said.

Then when Doocy fact-checked Psaki, showing how Biden said two years that anybody who wants to flee their country should come to America, the press secretary accused him of missing the “full context.” But she didn’t explain what that context is.

The back-and-forth went on for quite some time. Psaki became visibly angry, and then Doocy asked her asked why the Biden administration doesn’t appear to be concerned about “400 kids stuffed into a pod built for 260.”

Doocy kept going hard at Psaki, noting the Biden administration’s hypocrisy, and she eventually just gave up.

You can find the full transcript here. It’s well worth a read.