Jennifer Aniston Linked To Lincoln Project, Accused Of Grooming Teenage Boys

( Well…this is weird. Jennifer Aniston, the Hollywood star made famous for her role as “Rachel” in 90s sitcom “Friends” is connected to the Lincoln Project, a “conservative” anti-Trump group that hit the news recently because of a sexual grooming scandal.

A report from The Political Insider revealed how big names like Aniston donated money to the group during the last election campaign, helping the “conservative” organization slander and smear President Donald Trump in the run-up to the presidential election.

Other Hollywood actors who donated to the group included Dreamworks co-founder Jeffery Katzenberg and actor Jason Bateman.

The story is bizarre enough, as Hollywood stars tend not to donate to Republicans these days – but it’s made even more bizarre after reports revealed how John Weaver, a co-founder of the Lincoln Project, sexually groomed and harassed young boys.

Maggie Astor of the New York Times published a report on the story after conservative commentator Ryan Girdusky first busted the story open.

“21 men told me John Weaver, a Lincoln Project cofounder, sent them inappropriate messages, including explicit offers of professional help in exchange for sex,” Astor revealed.

Girdusky also accused the Lincoln Project of knowing about Weaver’s actions and failing to discipline him or take action.

“When young men approached them they ignored it,” he said. “When they heard I was working on the story they warned Weaver. When I wrote a story they said nothing. When Axios published a story they said he’s just gay. Now he’s a predator.”

Girdusky even went as far as suggesting that Project Lincoln “knew” and were “complicit.”


The Political Insider explained how big Hollywood names supported the organization, with Jennifer Aniston donating $5,000, and Jason Bateman dropping $6,000 on the group. Actress Felicity Huffman also gave the anti-Trump activist group $9,300.

Billionaires threw money at the organization, too, including Hyarr hotels heir John Pritzker, who donated $100,000.

Girdusky said on his Twitter feed and his various reports on the sexual harassment scandal that Weaver’s conduct was an open secret in Washington, D.C.

So how many donors knew about this, too?